TABLE WATERS - Table water & Serdika

“BC - Gorna Banya” also manufactures the two table water brands: “Serdika” and “Table Water”. The water is purified according to the “reverse osmosis” method and ozonised, thus ensuring the presence of no bacteria or other microorganisms in it, which can be found in the tap water, for example, and which are hazardous to human health.

It has a favorable impact on the organism due to the lack of mineralization, as it is also suitable for unlimited usage by all age groups being recommended for daily consumption by sucklings, children, and pregnant women.

"Serdika" and "Table water" are offered in the following packages:

PET 0,5 l; 1,5 l; 6 l; 10 l

Logistical information:

0,500 l 12 pcs/carton / 114 cartons/pallet
1,500 l 6 pcs/carton / 84 cartons/pallet
6 l 105 pcs/stretch wrap
10 l 72 pcs/stretch wrap