BC Gorna Banya supported the book “Dreams and Nightmares” by Chef Manchev

BC Gorna Banya is a major partner in the first independent book of the strict but fair guide to the culinary realities “Nightmares in the kitchen” and a commentator in the “Cherry of the Cake” Chef Manchev.

In his book, he shares his professional career as a chef and restaurant, and where his love to the food began. In “Dreams and Nightmares” Manchev shares the taste of childhood and his school years at the Bankya Catering Technical  School.

Chef Manchev describes his upbringing from chef to chef during his ten-year career in the former Japanese hotel, the most elite of his time in Bulgaria. It is very dramatic about the history of his specialization in Switzerland, where he faces the unexpectedly high level of European culinary industry, and from this clash he suffered an ulcer.

A special chapter is also dedicated to the show “Nightmares in the Kitchen”, which frontman is the top chef.

Manchev has summarized many of the “nightmares” in the restaurant business on the basis of his experience of the last four years, giving extremely useful advice to those working in the industry. One of the most cult heroes of the past four seasons also finds place on the pages of the book, and readers will also be interested in reading details of the “kitchen” of the show itself.

“There are only useful tips in the book – things I’ve been living as a culinary and restaurant. I also give advice to people who want to open a restaurant – what they have to expect and what are the big problems in this business“ – Chef Manchev told.   

Guest star in “Dreams and Nightmares” is the Swiss top boss Andy Zaug, a Michelin star holder, one of the highest acknowledgments in the culinary industry.

In his restaurant the Bulgarian chef specializes at the time and is inspired to start his own business. Andy Zaug shows the 5-course tasting menu “Michelin” on the pages of the book, which will truly provoke connoisseurs of the highest culinary tradition.

“This book describes the history of my life as a culinary – from my first food memories, through my cook’s career, to going into the restaurant business and building my TV image.

I thank all my friends and relatives, my colleagues from the chef and restaurant guild, my wonderful partners from BK Gorna Banya Ltd., and the great fans who came to the premiere and shared with me this important moment!” – said further Chef Manchev.